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What is the minimum quantity?
There are none. However, there are a variety of “costs” which have to be amortized into the final price, the higher the volume over which these overheads can be spread, the lower the piece part. If you are placing orders for £1000.00 or more for 1 item please ask GEP for a completive quote

Do you supply standards?
If standard means mass produced, widely available, then the answer is no. Whilst we certainly have the ability to do so, it is unlikely that we could offer the pricing levels which can be obtained from the domestic market place.

Can you offer certification?
Customer’s requirements are reviewed both at enquiry stage, and point of order, to ensure all relevant details are accurately matched to the most appropriate manufacturer.
As a minimum, all manufacturers can provide material, plating and ISIR documentation. Dependant on your requirements, we can also provide full PPAP documentation etc.

Do you carry stock?
We are a worldwide sourcing house, not a distributor.
By not carrying the overheads of a warehousing operation, we can pass the savings on to our clients.
However, many of our manufacturing partners do carry stock holding on semi-standard products, to which we have full access.

What is the lead time?
Typically, bar turned items are 5 weeks from receipt of order until shipment.
All other items are 12 – 14 weeks.
However, the flexibility of our partners means that we can often have goods available for shipment in 2 and 4 weeks respectively (subject to availability of tooling).

Shipment by sea adds an additional 5 weeks, and 1 week by air.

Are there any hidden costs?
All quotations include delivery to your premises, inclusive of import duty & carriage (but not VAT).
Alteration to delivery requirements (e.g. air shipment) may incur additional costs which would be subject to discussion in advance.

Why shouldn’t I import myself?
There is no reason why not.
However, if you have not done so before, we urge you to be careful, the risks are plentiful.
Just because somebody has a good website, and advertises in the right places does not mean there is actually a company behind them.
Business laws and codes of ethics in some parts of the world may not be as even handed as they are at home.
Whilst most manufacturers & trading houses are reputable, the potential for a financial disaster is ever present.
The only real way to be sure, is to take a few weeks away from the desk, spend several thousands of pounds, visit every potential supplier, negotiate with the freight forwarding and customs clearance organisations and make a judgement based upon your findings, and hope the goods turn up on time. The ability to speak & read the local language would also be very beneficial!
However, with 15 years experience of sourcing fastener related products from Asia and Eastern Europe, GEP have done the groundwork for you.

What do we do?
GEP will:

  • Accurately match your requirements to the most suitable supplier for your needs.
  • Ensure that all relevant information is passed between the customer and supplier.
  • Provide regular updates on manufacturing status of your order.
  • Provide production samples for your approval prior to shipment.
  • Arrange shipping, insurance, customs clearance and delivery to your premises.

What if it goes wrong?
Clearly we cannot say that things will never go wrong.
However, we can guarantee that if it does, we will accept responsibility and react quickly and professionally to resolve any problems.

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